STC Drug Product

An innovation to mimic patient's relapsing conditions

<strong>Starting material </strong> : <br/>allogeneic tumor cell lines Starting material :
allogeneic tumor cell lines

Step 1 Educating immune system to anticipate relapse mechanisms

a Qualitative cancer-related proteins overexpressed.

By stimulation of selected tumor cell lines with standards of care used in the targeted indication.

  • RT: MUC1 (CRC)

    Mucine; Cell Surface Associated - Overexpression associated with carcinomas

  • RT: MDR1 (CRC)

    ATP efflux pump - Therapeutic resistance


    Marker for carcinoma - Fast growing epithelial tumors

  • RT: ABCC1

    ABC transporter - Multiple Therapeutics resistance

  • TS: ICAM1 (CRC)

    Widely expressed in tumor cells - Tumor progression

  • ... 100+ Validated by multi-omics analysis.

Step 2 Ensuring immune system activation

b Haptenization: boosting antigen's immune recognition.



Immunogenic molecule



Cancer-related Antigen

  • Immunogenic complex
  • Immune system recognition
  • Cross-priming reaction (Memory process)

c Allogeneic tumor ghost cells

  • Dead cell but whole-membrane
  • Non proliferative
  • Critical size to boost APC recognition

First-in-class Tumor antigen-focused immunotherapy

Anticipating tumor plasticity from early stage to relapsing disease.

STC Technology educates immune system to recognize and anticipate escape mechanisms in cold tumor.

What happens in vivo after ID injection ?
Step 1

APC* Cross priming activation

Petient's Dentritic Cells maturation with no HLA restriction.
(*Antigen-Presenting Cell ; Dentritic Cells)

Step 2

TILs education

TILs (Tumor-Inflitrating Lymphocytes) pool generation multispecific of resistance factors: TAA/TSA.
(TAA = Tumor Associated Antigens & TSA = Tumor Specific Antigens)

Step 3

TILs expansion

The Multi specific TILs Pool generated expands, ready for TSA/TAA recognition.

Step 4

Patient's resistance tumor cells' destruction.

TILs synergize on multiple qualitative targets and enhance immune modulators repsonse in combination.

A limitless potential to generate
first-in-class immunotherapies

Cell lines selection from tumor banks :
Icon data mining
a IA/Data mining screening processed using specific criteria
Icon data mining
b In Vitro validation
Cells Brenus pharma steps

Providing a unique
value proposal in the field

Ready to use, standardized & scalable
  • Defined biological raw material (cell banks)
  • GLP/GMP Pharmaceutical development & Pre scale-up validated

FDA PRE IND & FAMHP (EMA) Scientific advises passed

Quick generation of First-In-Class Therapies

Patented platform, protected in key countries

Limitless potential to generate a strong pipeline

Leveraging our platform to generate strong candidates.

in our technology ?