Our product

STC 1010 Our first candidate in metastatic colorectal cancer

An allogeneic first in class immunotherapy harnessing the patient immune system to fight immune tolerance and prevent cancer resistance.

High unmet need

2 million patients diagnosed every year

2nd cause of cancer mortality worldwide

12% survival rate after 5 years

Chemotherapies alone in 1L with anti-PD1 option only for MSI-H patients (5% of CRC population)

Our product

Our response

01. To meet the need in targeting treatment resistance

STC-1010 targets MSS and MSI-H population.

02. To meet the need in breaking immunue tolerance

STC-1010 has a robust and validated preclinical data pack showing:

  • Increase in overall survival

    in colorectal cold and hot mice model

  • Increase in CD8+ tumor infiltration

    in several model

  • Efficacy in anti-pd1 resistant

    mice model

03. To meet the need for an accessible approach

An OFF-THE-SHELF technology allowing control of both time and cost of the manufacturing process.

Stc1010, the missing link ? A biological rational

Adapted from C. Cremolini ESMO 2021 Schema Brenus pharma steps

Exemple of treatments with a biological rational to combine with STC 1010

  • Step 1

    GM-CSF low dose: Recruits APC at injection point and mature DCs.

  • Step 2

    Checkpoint inhibitors, ADC TLR Promotes T cell priming and activation

  • Step 3

    Chemokyne cytokine TLR : Increase trafficking of T cell

  • Step 4

    Bevacizumab Facilitates infiltration of CD8+ lymphocytes into tumors

  • Step 5

    5FU, Bevacizumab and Cyclophosphamide low dose, radiotherapy. Decrease the activity of immunosuppressive cells (Tregs and MDSCs)

  • Step 6

    Checkpoint inhibitors, ADC, BiSpecific mAb, TLR restores the anticancer immunity

At brenus, we aim to create a 2.0 Precision
Oncology Approach.