Our technology

At Brenus, we
aim to create
a 2.0 Precision Oncology Approach

60 new active substances approved in the US between 2015 and 2019

93% being targeted therapy*

10% of patients eligible

5% at least will respond to these drugs**

Resistance to current treatments is a reality

90% of patients treated for solid tumors experienced or will experience cancer relapse***

Bringing precision
oncology to the next level

Current approach

Based on limited and static targets


A cancer cell is continuously changing and will express different antigens over time Multiple & Evolving targets
not focusing on target but on multiple targets cancer is a moving target
Our technology leverages three major principles, in a single solution. To harness a specific, highly potent and lasting immune response
STC platform


Strict and AI assisted selection of specific allogeneic tumor cell lines provides those most representative of the targeted indication.


STC technology educates the immune system with the widest range of neo-antigens of interest.


A haptenization process educates a patient’s immune system to recognize and turn target protein visible, producing a more potent immune response.

Through a robust, scalable,
manufacturing process

Cell lines selection from tumor banks :
Icon data mining
a IA/Data mining screening processed using specific criteria
Icon data mining
b In Vitro validation
Cells Brenus pharma steps

Providing a unique
value proposal in the field

1st immunotherapy to target over 200 cancer related antigens
  • Very wide range of addressable patients.
  • Anticipate the mutations of the cancer cells and address its plasticity.

Our product can be administered in combination with SOC such as chemotherapy thus not changing the clinical practice of physicians in the different treated conditions.

High capability to speed-up the generation of new candidates leveraging the same technology platform.

Very strong IP portfolio with the first patents being granted in key countries (EU5, JP, US).

Industrial design built for an efficient and scalable manufacturing process.

Our drug product harnesses an innate immunological response

What happens in vivo after ID injection ?
Step 1

STC IntraDermal injection

With additives

Step 2

APC activation

Dendritic cell maturation

Step 3

TILs education

TILs pool generation specific for resistance factors.

Step 4

Tumor cell destruction

TILs specifically destroys primary and resistant tumor cells.

in our technology ?