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plasticity : a key driver of patient's relapse

Adapted from Hallmarks of cancer: New dimension*

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Unlocking phenotypic plasticity

Cancer is a moving target causing:

  • Resistance mechanism
  • Immune escape
  • Relapsing process

Current treatment must be combined to be efficient

Lack of antigenicity

With limited and static targets

Lack of immunocenicity

With hidden targets to the immune system
Brenus Pharma:
the missing link ?

Brenus Pharma develops a next gen immun therapeutic based on adaptive & multispecific targets to educate the immune system to anticipate tumor plasticity & treatment resistance.

Engage with us ina change of paradigm

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    Efficient technology

    Anticipates risks of tumor escape by targeting over 250 cancer-related antigens driven by relapse mechanism.

    Answers huge unmet need in solid tumors : Platform strategy, combining impactful technologies, with standardized steps for a quicker generation of immunotherapy for solid tumors

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    Derisked approach

    2nd generation of innovative cancer vaccine strategy : previous haptenized approaches show significative historical clinical DATA (Glioblastoma + Melanoma).

    Preclinical package endoresed with FDA Pre-IND passed.

    GMP manufacturing ready.

    Top international scientific leader on board & experienced governance in Healthtech industries.

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    Limitless potential

    IP by design-platform strategy ; 22 patent granted.

    Tailored first-in-class drugs design.

    Dynamic immuno-oncology market with mRNA and Personalized Cancer Vaccine.

    Ensuring treatment's availability to a wide population of patient in therapeutic issue.