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Poster presentation during AACR annual meeting 2022

Antitumor activity of a novel allogeneic colorectal cancer vaccine in C57BL/6 mice bearing MC38 anti-PD1 resistant colon carcinoma syngeneic model with TME

Flow cytometry analysis shows that HSP-70 expression was significantly upregulated in each of the three cell lines of the 3CL-SH compared to untreated cells. LC-MS/MS analysis demonstrated that cell lines of 3CL-SH display overexpression of membrane proteins of interest such as Lamp 1, MDR1A/B and Fas Receptor. The group treated with 3CL-SH significantly improves the survival of mice bearing MC38PD1R tumor model vs the control group (Log-rank Mantel-Cox test, pvalue=0.0368) and we observed a non-benefit of the combination of 3CL-SH and anti-PD1 drug in concomitant injections. The immunophenotyping data show statistical increase in the infiltration of anti-tumor populations (CD8+ T cells, M1) in the tumors treated with 3CL-SH but also an increase in M2. No side effect or inflammatory reaction towards the 3CL-SH is evidenced.CONCLUSIONThe 3CL-SH treatment presents a promising antitumor efficacy on the aggressive MC38 PD1R model, resulting in a significative gain of survival and anti-tumoral changes in the immune infiltrate of treated animals. More studies are needed to evaluate the benefit of a combination with ICI.