Bring the immune system one step Ahead of cancer

An allogeneic platform designed to generate First-In-Class Tumors antigen-focused immunotherapies.
Changing a paradigm in oncology

0% of patients currently undergoing
treatment for solid tumors will experience treatment failure.

Our mission at Brenus is to fight relapsing diseases in cold solid tumors, which is currently the biggest unmet need in oncology.

Cancer = A moving target

The efficacy of current approaches is compromised by no anticipating tumor plasticity and resistances mechanisms and must be combined to be efficient.

Brenus Pharma’s solution educates patients’ immune system to anticipate and avoid their cancer relapse

Represent heterogeneity of the targeted indication

Strict and AI assisted selection of Specific allogeneic Tumor cell lines to be the most representative of the targeted indication.

Increase antigenicity

Our STC manufacturing overpasses current approaches by covering a broad & higher-quality range of tumor antigens.

Increase immunogenicity

Haptenization process is a proven immunogenic tagging** sustainably boosting antigen’s immune recognition. It’s safely ensure immune system activation.