Bring the immune system one step Ahead of cancer

An allogeneic platform designed to generate first in class immune therapy with the goal of harnessing the patient immune system and preventing resistance to cancer treatment.

0% of patients currently undergoing
treatment for solid tumors will experience treatment failure.

Our mission at Brenus is to provide a solution to cold solid tumors – today’s biggest, unmet need in oncology.

Cancer = A moving target

The efficacy of current approaches is compromised by drug resistance within the tumor, which is a scalable process. The cell population constantly shifts during therapy, causing cancer to be considered a ‘moving target’.

Our technology leverages three major principles, in a single solution. To harness a specific, highly potent and lasting immune response
STC platform


Strict and AI assisted selection of specific allogeneic tumor cell lines provides those most representative of the targeted indication.


STC technology educates the immune system with the widest range of neo-antigens of interest.


A haptenization process educates a patient’s immune system to recognize and turn target protein visible, producing a more potent immune response.