Bring immune system on step Ahead cancer

An allogeneic platform to generate first in class Immune Therapy ambitionning to harness patient immune system and prevent cancer resistance over treatment.

0% of currently treated
patients for solid tumors will experience a treatment failure.

Our mission at Brenus is to provide a solution in cold solid tumors, today’s most important unmet need in oncology.

Cancer = A moving target

Efficacy of current approaches is compromised by drug resistances within the tumor, which is a scalable process. The population of cells constantly shifts during therapy defining cancer as a ‘moving target’.

Our technology leverages three major pillars, in a single solution. To harness a specific, highly potent And durable immune response
STC platform


Strict and AI assisted selection of Specific allogeneic Tumor cell lines to be the most representative of the targeted indication.


STC technology allows to educate the immune system with the widest panel of neoantigens of interest.


An haptenization proccess educates a patient’s immune system to recognized and turn target protein as visible, enhancing a more potent immune response.

Our lead candidate, STC-1010 will target metastatic colorectal cancer

Facts about colorectal cancer

  • 2 millions patients diagnosed every year

  • 2nd cause of cancer mortality worldwide

  • 12% survival rate at 5 years

Our response

  • To meet the need to target treatement resistance

    STC-1010 is targeting MSS and MSI-H population

  • To meet the need to breaking immune tolerance

    STC-1010 has a robust and validated preclinical data pack showing

    • an increase in overall survival in colorectal cold and hot mice model,
    • an increase in CD8+ Tumor Infiltration in several model,
    • an efficacy in AntiPD1 resistant mice model.
  • To meet the need for an acceccible approche

    An OFF-THE-SHELF technology allowing control on time and cost of the manufacturing process

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